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At Schofield Equipment & Repair, we have the capabilities and the facility to put together a truck or trailer to fit your specifications. We can assist you in not only choosing the components that best fit the desired application, but also the truck to fit your components. 

  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Boom Repair


Schofield Equipment & Repair has a full service 12,000 sq ft shop to handle any type of repair. We can also perform repairs at your facility or job site to keep you working. We are highly skilled and experienced in all phases of mechanical repair including, but not limited to:

  • Repair evaluation/diagnosis  [Equipment]
  • Engine repair and exchange
  • Transmissions and torque converters
  • Brakes, clutches, and planetaries
  • Installation and repair of LMI systems
  • Hydraulic diagnosis and repair
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Hydraulic and lattice crane repair
  • Boom work
  • Preventive maintenance evaluation and recommendations 

Authorized Dealer/Distributor

Contact us today to discuss your repair, crane mounting and/or customized truck upfitting and assembly needs! 

Truck Building/Upfitting       


Schofield Equipment & Repair is a full service Fassi crane dealership, including sales, upfitting, and repair/warranty center. We can assist you in not only choosing the Fassi crane that is the best fit for your needs, but also the truck to fit your crane. If another make and model fits your needs, we can still assist in putting it all together. We provide a complete solution.

Mechanical Repair Services    

Additional Services   

Crane Mounting