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Schofield Equipment & Repair is an authorized dealer for Jekko Minicranes. Jekko Minicranes are compact crawler cranes designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas. Each of these versatile cranes is ideal for operating in interior project spaces while giving operators lifting capacities ranging from1.2 to 4.0 tons.

In addition to their surprising lifting capacity, the Jekko Minicranes' man-machine interface system gives operators precision control, which offers some of the highest safety measures available in the industry. Applications for these cranes include glass handling and installation, HVAC, infrastructure repair, utility maintenance, precast concrete installation, and more. Contact us to find the Jekko model that fits your needs.

Schofield Equipment & Repair is a complete parts supplier for quality new, used, and rebuilt parts. We can locate those hard to find parts for all makes and models of cranes and heavy equipment.

loads without the need for stabilizers. JMG Cranes are perfectly suited for a variety of industries, including: power generation and distribution, water and sewage treatment, refineries, precast concrete, glass and curtain wall installation, and more. 

JMG Cranes are green, inside and out. They consume no fossil fuels and are powered by either a battery or a "plug-in", rechargeable power source. Contact us to find the JMG model that fits your needs. 

lowest coefficient of friction of additives available, and it fills surface irregularities to provide a smoother, flatter surface resulting in a smoother operating boom. Lube-a-Boom lubricants are ideal for cranes, aerial lifts, hydraulic teleboom excavators, and forklifts. Schofield Equipment & Repair is an authorized dealer for Lube-a-Boom products. Contact us for more information.

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All Cranesmart products have been engineered with customers in mind, designed to be delivered, installed, and trained on quickly, in some of the toughest environments, with no maintenance required. Schofield Equipment & Repair is an authorized distributor for Cranesmart. Contact us for more information on Cranesmart solutions

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We sell Cranesmart safety systems including Cranesmart load monitor systems, A-2-B (anti-2-block) systems, LMIs 

(load moment indicators), and boom angle indicator systems for all cranes and other winch line applications. 

Fassi Articulating Cranes

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Lube-a Boom lubricants are specially formulated synthetic lubricants that contain Teflon® particles held in 

suspension  that lasts longer and outperforms conventional petroleum based greases. Teflon® provides the 

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Schofield Equipment & Repair is an authorized dealer for JMG Cranes. JMG Cranes are electric-powered,

self-propelled pick-and-carry industrial cranes with capacity ranges from 2-60tons, and can hoist and place 

Schofield Equipment & Repair is an authorized dealer for Fassi cranes. We are a full-service facility for new and used Fassi crane sales, parts, repair and servicing. Along with crane sales and mountings, we also handle manufacturer's warranty work. Contact us to find the Fassi model that fits your needs. 

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